Got Questions About Mouthwash? Here Are Your Answers

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If you have questions about the beneficial product mouthwash, then our dental team is here to help you. Mouthwash can help you in a myriad of ways—if you use the right product. So, the more you know about mouthwash, the better. To help you find the answers you’re looking for, our dentists, Dr. Duane K. Taylor or Dr. Bryan Carmichael, would like to give you the answers to commonly asked questions about mouthwash, which are:

Q: What mouthwash should I use?

A: It’s strongly recommended to use a mouthwash that can boost your oral health. Unfortunately, there are mouthwashes available that are only meant to cosmetically enhance the smile. It’s best to use antibacterial, anti-gingivitis or fluoride mouthwash that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

Q: How often should I use mouthwash?

A: It’s best to use mouthwash daily, like in the morning before you start your day or at night before you go to bed.

Q: What does mouthwash do for me?

A: Rinsing with mouthwash can complete the smile-cleaning job, kill bacteria in the mouth, strengthen the tooth enamel, freshen your breath and help you prevent dental problems.

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