Make a Zoom! Whitening Treatment Part of Your Oral Healthcare Routine

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If you wish to enhance your smile further, a good option would be to improve its color and shine. Traditional brushing and flossing alone will keep your smile healthy, but more is needed to remove deep stains and discolorations. Enter Zoom! whitening, which is a treatment available by your dentist to quickly, safely, and effectively whiten your teeth. Zoom! offers the following benefits:

– With the help of specialized gels with hydrogen peroxide and lamps to activate them, Zoom! whitening treatments can enter below the surface of a tooth and bleach away stains and discolorations.

– Each Zoom! whitening product will last roughly an hour and can improve your smile in a single visit.

– If you still want more treatments beyond your Zoom! whitening, your dentist can give you at-home systems to use in your spare time to work out any spots that need touch-ups.

– If you have stains in your teeth, Zoom! whitening is designed to remove them. This includes stains from coffee, soft drinks, tea, wine, beets, juices, and even stains caused by tobacco and old age.

– Zoom! whitening can remove current stains, but it will not protect your teeth from future stains, so be sure to exercise caution with your diet.

If you would like to learn more about Zoom! whitening or to book a professional cleaning with Affordable Dentistry and Orthodontics, contact us at our dentist office in Dallas, Texas. Our number is 214-330-7771. Dr. Duane K. Taylor, Dr. Bryan Carmichael, and our entire team look forward to your visit.