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I’ve been coming to Dr. Taylor my whole life and he has always taken care of my teeth. I owe him for my great smile. I come here as often as I can to get my teeth cleaned and checked. The staff are friendly, easy to work with, informed and help me know how I can better take care of my teeth. Thank you, Affordable Dentistry & Orthodontics!Matthew B.

if you are thinking about getting some dental work done without dental insurance this is definitely my number 1 recommendation. From the ladies at the front desk, to the hygienist, to the doc that did my root canal, I was over satisfied and very impressed with the honesty, how knowledgeable, and how straight forward the individuals I interacted with here were! I’ve been to several different dentists and this one was by far the best I’ve ever been at. btw I never leave google reviews but I was so impressed with the services provided and the great people I felt it was necessary to share my experience with others.Ben D.

I love it here! Dr. Carmichael recently completed my root canal/crown procedure and made the whole process seamless and it looks and feels GREAT! Dr. Taylor is always so nice whenever I am there and asks how your visit goes just out of concern! I just love it here! Moral of the story 🙂Yvette L

I needed my wisdom tooth taken out ASAP, and while doing research online, i came to find out that some other “wisdom tooth experts” aren’t as affordable as they claim to be. I came across Affordable Denistry’s webpage and gave them a call. Mark was very helpful with my appointment which i had to change due to my work schedule. I went in 8.31.2017 and was seen by both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Carmichael. Unfortunately Dr. Taylor was not able to do the extraction that same say, but Dr. Carmichael swooped in like SUPERMAN and took care of me that same afternoon. I am soooooo utterly grateful for the compassion they have in this office, unlike other offices. Dr. Carmichael has great bedside mannerism and even though pulling teeth isn’t as glamorous as it looks, he has a soft touch and my pain was minimal when given the anesthesia and the extraction. I’ve had other wisdom teeth pulled and I’m sure I walked out of that office with whiplash ….:-)~ Everyone is so helpful, professional, compassionate and will put you at ease. The hygienist, he is freaking awesome and very knowledgable. I love coming across people that know what they are talking about and explain it thoroughly to patients. He has great hair too!!! I was a little jelly (jealous). 🙂 THANK YOU AGAIN SO VERY MUCH TO ALL THE STAFF……YOU WILL SEE ME AGAIN SOON.Patty C.

Very affordable and they make sure that it’s done rightBubbles H.

What a great dental practice. I have tried nearly a dozen dentists across DFW from the big chains, schools.. and small practices and never once had such a great experience as I’ve had here. They don’t gouge you by billing for “multiple” fillings on a single tooth as so many do, nor are they instantly pushy to replace crowns that don’t need to be replaced. Their billing staff will work with you and show you all of the options available from pre-payments, insurance timing to get the best bang for your buck and will rework the numbers back and forth to make them work for you. A huge advantage for not only time but expense is they have their own lab, so they do not need to refer you to another specialist for things like implants or making crowns. I’ve worked with both Duane Taylor and Bryan Carmichael, both very professional and informative. All procedures nearly pain free and I’d recommend working with them over any other practice in DFW.Brett F.

Dr. Taylor is very respectful and gentile when working on my teeth. The staff is friendly and are of great help when scheduling appt. they always try to accommodate to my work schedule and have are open late which is very helpful.Jenne M.

Best place in town! Very affordable and friendly dentist with an awesome staff! Bridgette R.

I love this place, Dr. Taylor was very gentle while working on my teeth..didn’t feel pain. He speaks Spanish, I would recommend this place to my family and friends…and affordable. Alba M.

Following my move downtown from the ‘burbs, I was looking for a new dental practice for my teen daughter and myself. I actually stumbled upon an ad for Affordable in the Dallas Observer; which lead to some skepticism at first (LOL), but the offer was good so I thought, “Why not give them a try!”

I’m so glad I did! We’ve found our new ‘home’ for dental care there. Everyone I encountered, including Dr. Taylor, was gracious, friendly and professional.

Our teeth cleaning was handled promptly, no long wait before service. The offer also included teeth whitening, something my daughter in particular needed. The results were dramatic (only because I knew the ‘before’), but still natural.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Taylor and his staff. Their care for you is very personal and considerate.Siobhan F.

First of all, I like to thank to Dr Taylor for fixing my crown. He’s very nice and helpful. I didn’t even feel pain after he pulled out one of my tooth yesterday. Monica the receptionist and Adrian and even his assistant were so nice. They are very helpful and detail explain to me the whole times when I was there. I was sitting in the chair nervous when I was thinking about how painful it is after my tooth pulls out. But honestly I just felt hurt a little bit, but after I took some ibuprofen and amox I felt much better and sleep well. I have another two or three upcoming visit after this to complete my procedures. I can’t wait to see my brand new smile complete. I would recommend Dr Taylor and his price is really cheaper compare to the Jefferson dental that I had bad experience with, all they care was $$$ and add up stuffs that is not necessary , the bottom line all they care is $$ over patient’s concerns and quality. I found Dr Taylor online and had read about his infor before I even went in for my appointment. Again, thanks Dr Taylor again and can’t wait to see you again soon :)) thumbs up:)Olivia T.