Why Some Teeth Need Dental Bridges

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If you have lost one or more teeth, we urge you to fill in the gaps in your smile as soon as the areas of tooth loss are healthy again. We may recommend dental bridges to effectively restore missing teeth and return the strength of your smile. Below, Dr. Duane K. Taylor and Dr. Bryan Carmichael list some reasons why teeth may need dental bridges:

– Bridges fill the voids left by missing teeth, improving the appearance and function of your smile.

– Dental bridges prevent teeth from shifting, in the empty spaces, which can occur as the gum tissue destabilizes around the missing tooth.

– With proper care, dental bridges can last from a decade to your entire lifetime.

– Bridges restore facial structure by preventing sagging cheeks and loss of jawbone.

– By filling the gaps in your smile that can accumulate food particles and bacteria, dental bridges lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

– Speaking, eating, and chewing, among many other essential skills, can be affected by tooth loss, but bridges restore these lost functions.

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